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Bring the crew and you can hop in too!

A great way to spend quality time in the pool…

We have some free pool time and you have some free time. Let’s get together!  Watch our Calendar and Parent Info Board at your local Foss Swim School for the next Family Fun event. Use our pool toys and equipment. Have “CutiePie” show off what they just learned. Role play and let them be the teacher. Float like a Chicken nugget in the fryer or dolphin dive yourself silly with Mom and Dad. It’s all 91 degree water and open just for our families and their friends for just $8 per swimmer/2hours.

Don’t miss the chance to take a “Breakthrough Clinic” at your Family Fun event. We provide teachers in the water at all our Family Fun events who are there to give ANY child (and parents) a FREE 15 minute lesson. Just on the brink of that next level?  Really gaining momentum and want to keep it going? Need just that little extra TLC to get over that scary “you want me to swim to where?” thing? Try a Breakthrough Clinic and enjoy the FREE help!

Family Fun Night sign up is available at the front desk.

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