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Mom Enough™

The many facets of motherhood…

Check out Mom Enough™, a free weekly talk show hosted by psychologist Marti Erickson, Ph.D., and her daughter, maternal-child health specialist Erin Erickson, MPH. Available in podcast so you can listen whenever you want, a new show is posted every Monday at The MEs discuss topics using current evidence-based information and credible guest experts on parenting, parent-child relationships, and parent and child health.

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Foss Swim School and Mom Enough:
How prepared is your child for both fun and safety in the water?

Good Enough Moms, March 22, 2010: Helping Your Child Be Safe and Happy in the Water: A Conversation with Swimming Expert Susan Foss

Marti and Erin talk with Susan Foss who, with her husband Jon, is nationally recognized as an innovator in swimming instruction. You will learn what to expect at different stages of development and how to help your child, at any age, strike the right balance between a love of water and a healthy respect for the dangers it can pose. This is information every parent needs.


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